Beauty Sleep Set - 20lbs Weighted Beyond Blanket in Breeze and Pearl PJs

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For some feel-good sleep, infuse your bedtime routine with self-care. Slipping into the luxurious comfort of one of our Sleepwear sets and relaxing with the Weighted Beyond Blanket’s Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation is the perfect way to effectively but lovingly signal to your body (and mind!) that it’s time to head off to dreamland. Get that complete ready-for-bed mood + guarantee yourself a smile in the morning with this exclusive set. One of a kind, available only here at The Blankery, and only until stocks last. Don’t wait up, wind down with the Beauty Sleep Set.


1pc 20lbs Queen Size Beyond Weighted Blanket in Breeze (color - Pacific)

1 set of Pearl Floral Pajamas (long sleeves, pants, tank, shorts)