Moonmask™ Weighted Eye Mask

Moonstone Gray
Peony Pink
Midnight Blue


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The Moonmask™ is a Weighted Eye Mask that can do a lot more than block light. It’s specially designed to contour the eye area flawlessly, applying the perfect measure of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation in all the right spots. Read more about this technique here: What is Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation?

       The Moonmask™ rests at the tried-and-tested optimal weight of 0.7lbs—it’s not too heavy like most weighted eye masks on the market. Similar to our signature Weighted Beyond Blanket, it soothes by evenly distributing weight on targeted key pressure points. This makes the Moonmask™ an ideal source of relief from insomnia, headaches, and migraines.

       Produced with velvet-like Micro Plush Fabric and crafted with an adjustable velcro strap, each mask comes with its own mildew-resistant drawstring pouch for safekeeping. Make falling asleep in seconds a reality for you every night with the Moonmask.


Product Specifications

 Weighted  Eye Mask

  Micro Plush Fabric



  Micro Plush Fabric  

  10 x 15cm


  Moonstone (Gray)