Weighted Beyond Blanket™ in Crisp Cotton

Crisp Cotton (White)

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Our signature Weighted Beyond Blanket is designed for the purpose of Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation, meaning that this blanket applies firm but gentle pressure on the human body to produce a calming effect in the nervous system. Read more about this technique here: Everything You Need to Know About the Weighted Beyond Blanket

     The blanket you’re viewing features the Crisp Cotton Cover, our neat-and-clean take on the classic cover that can do it all. Because it’s made of 100% Cotton, it guarantees pure quality. In fresh contrast to synthetic fabrics like polyester which trap body heat, this all-natural material is breathable and thermo-regulating.

     It’s also known for being hypoallergenic—great at avoiding irritation, soothing sensitive skin, and maintaining an allergen-free bed climate. Best of all, it’s long-lasting and low-maintenance, with a delicate softness that holds up after machine washes and over time. No frills, no fuss, no wonder this classic cover is here to stay. Sleep in Crisp Cotton tonight.

Product Specifications


    (Inner) : 100% Cotton and Micro Glass Beads 

    (Outer) : 100% Cotton Fabric

  Weight and Size

   10lbs - 48" x 72", Full

   12lbs - 48" x 72", Full

   15lbs - 48 x 78", Full

   15lbs - 60" x 80", Queen

   20lbs - 60" x 80", Queen


   Inner Blanket - Dark Gray

   Cover - White